Cherrydale Sales (October)


Cherrydale is our largest annual fundraiser. Order lots of items online and your purchases will benefit the school and its students! Use school code FRHENPP. Order in person from a student or teacher! Ordering online allows your goods to be delivered directly to your home (no need to schlep boxes home with your kid) and provides a largest portion of the profit to go to the PTA.  Loads of prizes for top sellers.

The 3 grades with the highest percentage of student participation won an extra recess.

Also, in addition to the Ta-da awards listed in the catalogue, C. W. Henry students that sell: 10 items will be invited to the DJ Dance Party (a major hit with kids), 25 items will also receive a $20 Target gift card, 35 items will also receive $80 cash, and 50 items will also receive $150 cash.

To check out the C. W. Henry’s Cherrydale page, go to where you can set up your child’s own Cherrydale microsite to help spread the word too friends and family, set goals, create an avatar, and order online.