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C.W. Henry PTA Committees (2022-2023 School Year)

  • President - Ta'Mora Jackson

    Responsible for leading PTA toward specific goals chosen by its members. Create agendas for and is presiding officer at Board and Association Meetings.

  • Vice President - Jennifer Liboon & Rob McIntosh

    Act as aide to the president; perform the duties of the president in the president's absence or inability to serve.

  • Finance/Committee/Treasurer - Nisha Nayak

    The Finance Committee develops a yearly budget, assists in the collection of revenues and presents suggestions for the best utilization of funds to the membership.

  • Recording Secretary - Davida Washington

    Keeps an accurate, concise, permanent record of the proceedings at all PTA Board and Association Meetings. Maintain a current copy of the bylaws.

  • Corresponding Secretary - Nick Jann

    Draft and distribute all letters to contributors and volunteers. Work with Treasurer to ensure all donations are accounted for and tax notices are sent by January 31.

  • Membership Committee - Alysia Sheaffer

    This committee recruits members, maintains membership database, solicits feedback from families and recruits volunteers.

  • Events and Projects Committee - Meghan Medlock & Nate Holt

    Supports the development and implementation of PTA programs, projects and events throughout the year. This includes encouraging new ideas and recruiting volunteers.

  • Communications and Public Relations Committee - John Charles

    Positively promotes and develops methods of communication between PTA and its members, school and community through use of the website, email, social media, etc.

  • Fundraising Committee - Natasha Broadwater

    Provides leadership in creating and coordinating PTA fundraising efforts and ensures that all events undertaken in the the name of the PTA comply with all applicable rules and standards.

  • Garden Committee - Becky Brodie

    Supports the School Garden with projects and events throughout the year.

  • Lower School Committee - Lynda O'Leary & Orien Smith-Warren

    Provides leadership to ensure that the PTA addresses the needs of the students in grades K-5.

  • Upper School Committee - Kimberly Smith

    Provides leadership to ensure that the PTA addresses the needs of the students in grades 6-8.

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