There are many wonderful things that will never be done if you don’t do them. 

– Charles D. Gill



There are many PTA run and supported events during the course of the year that need parent help to be successes.  Some events include Mt. Airy Village Fair (September), PTA Family Fun Nights (ongoing- set up, clean up, running activities, etc.), the Turkey Trot Walk/Run (November), Family Dances, Science Fest (June), School Carnival (May), Book Fair (during Report Card Conferences), and Cherrydale.  

Cherrydale is the PTA’s largest fundraiser of the year and to make it successful, it takes a lot of folks helping out. Do you have time to help sort boxes when the orders arrive?

Your help is appreciated… and needed!

If you would like to volunteer for a committee or an event, email:





Parent/Guardian volunteers are welcome at the Charles W. Henry Elementary School! Volunteers are needed to assist the school in many different ways, including working with children or providing assistance to the staff in various areas of the building. Parents/Guardians wishing to volunteer are invited to contact the school at (215) 951-4006 to determine a mutually convenient time to meet. Currently, we are looking for help in the following areas:

  • Lunch room/recess yard
  • Morning admission yard monitors
  • After school bus monitors
  • Hall monitors
  • Classroom assistance
  • Front Desk
  • Other (If you have another idea that you’d like to volunteer your help/skills, please let us know!)


All volunteers are required to complete child abuse and criminal background clearances before they can volunteer in the school, in classrooms and on fields trips. The state has made it easier and cheaper to obtain your clearances to volunteer in schools.  There are three clearances to obtain. The criminal background check through the PA State Police is FREE and results are received almost immediately through their online application.  The child abuse clearance is also FREE and can be applied for online with a longer wait time.  The FBI federal criminal history is available online with local fingerprinting locations for a fee of approximately $28.00 (although C. W. Henry will accept the FREE form found below in lieu of fingerprinting)

  • A Child Abuse Clearance can be obtained through the Child Welfare Portal.
  • A Pennsylvania State Police Request for Criminal History Check can be obtained here.
  • A FBI Fingerprint Criminal History Clearance can be obtained here.

For more information, visit Keep Kids Safe.

For details on PA requirements, visit PA Child Services.


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