Box Tops for Education


Get your Box Tops for Education gathered from your office drawers and the bottom of your pocketbooks and around your kitchen counters and send them all in with your children (dates to be determined).

And THANK YOU for supporting your school by participating in the Box Tops for Education program.

  1. Signup at for sweepstakes and recipes!
  2. Signup at for bonus box tops, coupons, and referral points!
  3. Register your Shoprite Price Plus cards
  4. Download the Box Tops App for your iPhone or Android device.
  5. Check your grocery store receipts for bonus Box Tops.
If every parent signs up for just two of these we can reach our goal for the school year before we even clip a box top.

You can bring box tops to the next PTA meeting, drop them off in the school office, or send them in your child’s communication folder.

Box Top Collection Dates:

October 23rd

February 19th

May 21st

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