Considering Henry

C. W. Henry is a neighborhood school in the Mt. Airy section of Philadelphia. It serves a diverse student population from kindergarten through 8th grade. C. W. Henry has a committed community of parents, students, teachers and administrators.  Our students go on to successful high school careers at Central, Masterman, Saul and others.

The Considering Henry group (independent from the PTA) has been meeting since 1999 to serve the needs of parents who are interested in C. W. Henry as a possible school for their children.  They have monthly meetings between October and April (and a picnic in May) on varying days of the week and offer to parents a place to ask questions of current parents and to talk with each other. The principal attends one of the meetings and teachers attend two other meetings.

To find out more, email, and follow the events and fun and learning happening at the school on our Facebook page: .  To sign up for Considering Henry’s email list go to the Considering Henry email list.  Considering Henry is also a Facebook group where you can find out information about Considering Henry in-home meetings as well as school tours (

Also, there are monthly school tours at Henry on the 1st Thursday of the month at 9:15am from October to March. Tour groups meet outside of the school office. If there are questions about tours, email

For more information about the School Selection Process for families living outside of catchment, click here:

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